Net Price Calculator

Many students don't pay the sticker price to attend college. But how will you know how much it will cost you? Use the Net Price Calculator to obtain an estimate of what it might cost you to attend Gogebic Community College.


Who Should Use the Calculator?

The calculator is meant for prospective undergraduate students and families to estimate their net cost. It is not designed for use by Canadian, international, or returning students. It is just an estimate and not an offer of financial aid. The Gogebic Community College Financial Aid Office will make the final decision on how much you will be awarded after we have reviewed all required application materials.


To Use the Calculator You Will Need

• Your most recent Federal Income Tax Returns for student and parents
• Parents' most recent W2 forms
• Savings, investments, and other asset information for student and parents

Please be sure to complete the entire process to ensure the best possible results.


Net Price Calculator Information for Different Family Circumstances

When families have been affected by separation, divorce, remarriage, or death, the Financial Aid Office carefully considers the individual circumstances. In complex situations, please be aware that there can be quite a large difference between the estimate you receive using the Net Price Calculator and the final result after Gogebic Community College has received all your information and made our detailed calculations.

You can use the following information to improve the accuracy of the calculation.


Widowed Parents

If your parent is widowed and remarried, indicate "married" for marital status, and complete the form using data for your parent, stepparent and their dependents.

Widowed parents who have not remarried, should select the "widowed" option for the parent's marital status question.


Divorced, Separated, or Unmarried Parents

If your parents are divorced, you will need to complete a separate calculation with each parent's information and combine the two results for your estimate.

If one parent is unknown to the student, or does not participate in the student's life (financially and otherwise), and whose financial data is unattainable, complete the form using only information for the parent you live with.

If your parents live together (unmarried), regardless of marital status, please use both parents’ information when filling out all of the questions.


Net Price Calculator